This is a somewhat incomplete description/outline of what was taught in COMPSYS 201.

(low level)
	radix conversion
	boolean algebra
		~ & truth table, block diagram
		algabraic properties (e.g. De Morgan's Law)
		Canonical Form (e.g. Sum of Minterms)
	from SR Latch to D Flip Flop
	From DFF to Register
		Parallel Load Register / Shift Register
	Finite State Machine
		Mealy Machine & Moore Machine
	basic VHDL syntax & semantics
		how a Process works
	RTL components
			(perhaps just boolean algebra)
				internal bus width concerns
				2's Complement (& its calculations)
	propagation delay & timing methodologies 
(Computer Architecture)
	Architecture: Harvard Arch' vs. Von-Neumann Arch'
	Data bus & Address bus
		bus width vs. memory size limit
	(briefly) assembly language vs. RTL design
	C programming vs. underlying assembly instructions
		compiling & decompiling
	General Registers - I/O Registers - SRAM (Static RAM) - Stack (kind of like this.)
	the Heap (malloc.)