well it's apparently not literally a trip to the future; but considering that I am working my way to living and studying in Auckland city next year, having a little get-my-head-round trip really feels like a trip to the future.

auckland city is really busy (compared to botany etc), which makes me both nervous and felt of home. bad thing about it is that i found a public toilet that doesn't have toilet paper provided - i see this as a really bad start. city is a really small place; i spent an hour or so and easily walk round most of it. emily happened to have some time, and gave me a tour around huia residence, which became the highlight of the day.

from city to botany to my house, the enviro appears less and less busy. this doesn't seem to be a good thing. anyway i would prefer to soon get back to hard-core urban life. after all, i'm a person from a metropolis.