i am just in my first few steps in mobile development; and when i set up my Symbian development environment, Nokia hadn't yet announced giving up the Qt team. well, it has been a while ago when i set up my Symbian development environment, and i may get blurry when i come to details. however, i still wanted to write this article to keep a note of myself setting up the environment. therefor this article is just a piece of suggestive information.

my system info

i supposedly had WinXP professional x86. my Symbian device was Nokia 5800XM.


i couldn't find anything much around the web, perhaps because the platform is too out of date. however i did find a set of videos that really got me going:

process i summarized from the videos

i was supposed to provide links to download these tools, but since i just mainly followed the videos,

  1. install the "Nokia Ovi Suite".
    (e.g. "Nokia_Ovi_Suite_webinstaller_ALL.exe")
  2. install "ActivePerl_5.6.1 build 635". must be
    i.e. "ActivePerl_5.6.1.635-MSWin32-x86.msi"
  3. install the "S60 SDK".
    e.g. "S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v1_0_en.zip"
  4. install IDE "Carbide C++".
    i.e.  "Carbide.c++_v2.0.exe"
  5. install the "open C plugin".
    e.g. "s60_open_c_cpp_plug_in_v1_6_en.zip"
  6. install "application trk" on your Symbian device.
    e.g. "s60_5_0_app_trk_3_1_2.sisx"
  7. install the "Qt for Symbian" libraries. seems that 4.6 is preferred.
    i.e. "qt-symbian-opensource-4.6.0.exe"
  8. install the IDE "Qt SDK".
    e.g. "qt-sdk-win-opensource-2009.05.exe"

exoect total download size to be approx' 1.4GB.

special notes

  • when installing Carbide C++, it's better to install v2.0, because it has out-of-the-box a GUI UI builder that can get you quickly started on constructin a native Symbian UI.
  • if you choose to use Carbide C++ v3.2, you would need to replace "application trk" with another app called CODA, e.g. "Public_CODA-1.0.5-b2-for-S60v5-Anna-Belle.sis", which could be expected to be found in your "?\QtSDK\Symbian\sis\common\" folder.
  • as you can see, there are two IDEs that could be used. use Carbide C++ to produce normal Symbian C++ programs, and use the "Qt Creator" in the Qt SDK to create apps in Qt C++.